Official Rules for bridge resistance contest.

Sunday 11 September 2005
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Official Rules for bridge resistance contest for LEGOWORLD 2005.


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quel exploit technique digne des pyramides


Building the most resistant 100 studs long bridge.



- This contest is open to all members of participating LUGs in LEGOWorld (LW), Zwolle.
- Individual contest registrations are done at LUG level and send by each LUG.
- Number of contestants is limited to 20.


There is no different categories.


Registration will end on October 20th of 2005 unless the limit of 20 contestants is reached before. In that case, the 20 first registered contestant are selected.


Registration forms are to be send to the following address: before the 18th of October 2005. Registration could also be done at FreeLUG’s stand after LW opening.


There’s no fee to enter the contest.


A panel of 3 judges will check that all contestants respect the rules and insure smoothness of the contest. This panel will have 3 non contestants judges.
- One judge will be selected by FreeLUG.
- One judge will be selected by Debouwsteen.
- One judge will be selected by one of the LUGs involved in the contest. This LUG will be ramdomly selected the 20th of October and then select his judge.

A good knowledge of English is needed to be judge.

The Jury will:

  1. check break period requested by the contestant
  2. measure weight binding period of time (1 min)
  3. make sure that each bridge is made with authorized parts (no modified LEGO part or non LEGO part).
  4. Evaluate bridge design compliance to a real bridge design.


Contestants can be excluded of the contest if:
- The bridge does not fit all the technical requirements.
- Contestant does not follow friendship and fair-play rules.

The jury’s decisions can’t be contested

If the contestant is excluded for the contest for technical reasons, he could attend the contest without being rated. He will not receive a diploma.


The contest will take place the 22nd of October 2005 in the evening. Exact schedule will be set in LW.


- The first 3 winners will receive a trophy.
- All contestants will receive a diploma.
- 2 extra awards will be given:

  • Best or most audacious bridge design
  • Best or most audacious bridge technical design

Awards board will be published on Lugnet.


- Each contestant will have 5 minutes to install his bridge including binding weight.
- After the weight stress test, he will have 3 minutes to remove the bridge from the test area.
- During these 2 periods, the contestant could be helped by a maximum of 3 persons.

Contestants’ order will be ramdomly choosen by the jury before beginning of the contest.



- The bridge steps over a trench.
- The bridge just lays. No binding system is allowed (screw, clamp etc..)
- Distance to step over is 100 studs (800 mm).
- Bridge will be wide enough (10 studs) to hold LEGO train tracks.
- Height is 12 studs minimum. Height above track is free.
- Difference of height between deck’s center and deck’s end is 2% maximum (16 mm).
- The whole bridge height is free.
- Only non modified LEGO parts are allowed.
- Use of glue is strictly forbidden.
- The built bridge must have the general shape of a real bridge (proportions and design).


- The bridge must have a attach point(a place to hold the weight).
- It must allow tha attachment of a 5mm diameter string. Train must be able to run on the tracks while weight is attached to the bridge.
- Each contestant is responsible for string attachment. If the attach failed before beginning of contest, it’s allowed up to 3 tries.
- If the attach failed during contest, the bridge is considered broken.
- Testing system allows bridge stress tests up to 50 kg.
- The bridge must endure the weight for one minute. If the bridge breaks within this minute, result of the test will be lowered by 5%.
- The contestant chooses himself the weight to test.
- Test breaks can be asked by the contestant to check the bridge for a maximum of 1 minute 30 sec. Changes can be applied but it’s not allowed to add extra bricks.
- Weigth stress will be increased progressively.
- Maximum laps of time to go from 0 to 50 kg will be 3 minutes.
- Contestant or one of his helpers will initiate the weight test.


- Non LEGO ropes and strings are allowed with a maximum diameter of 1mm.
- Binding system must be identical to the LEGO one (round plate 1x1 4073). Rope can also be binded to non modified LEGO parts.
- Plates can be drilled by contestant in order to preserve LEGO ropes. (this is the only exception to the no-modified-parts rule)
- Recommended rope color is black ropes to keep a realistic design. But it is not compulsory.


We want to encourage contestants to be imaginative and audacious. If a contestant chooses to build a lift deck bridge (lift, swing, sliding) he will credited of 50% of the weight binded to his bridge. In that case, the time spent to bind the weight won’t be included in the installation time.

Lift deck mechanism must be electrical, pneumatic or manual. But not by a direct action from the contestant.

The non moving parts of the lift deck bridge can be fixed to the table using clamp. These clamps must be removed before starting weight test.


- The most resistant bridge wins. If several bridges win, the final winner is the lighter one. If two or more winner bridges have the same weight, the final winner will be the one with the smallest number of bricks.



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commentaires article  (fermé)

logo de Jean-Louis "JLB" Bergamo
Saturday 15 October 2005 agrave 16h19 - by  Jean-Louis "JLB" Bergamo

Hello Menno,

It’s ok, you’re in the challenge. Good Luck.

A bientot, (your french was not so bad :-))


logo de Menno Gorter
Friday 14 October 2005 agrave 18h50 - by  Menno Gorter


I’ll accept the challenge, can you sign me in?

a bientot... (? Pardon my french... ;-) )


logo de Jean-Louis "JLB" Bergamo
Friday 14 October 2005 agrave 11h20 - by  Jean-Louis "JLB" Bergamo

Hello Menno,

> I prosume the bridge has to be longer than 100 studs? What’s the maximum lenght ?

- There’s no maximum length for the bridge

> Does this mean that the rail track has to be at 12 studs high?

- no. that’s only mean that a train which is 12 studs high, can go thru this bridge.

> How does this has to look like? Are there more rules for this exept the 5mm rope? ( May I simply bind this rope at some beams?)

- there’s no more rules for this, and yes you can simply bind this rope at some beams, but think that this "attach point" must be very strong. because, if this attach point fail, it is like your bridge fail.

I hope to see you in this cahllenge :-)

see you,


logo de Menno Gorter   Netherlands
Wednesday 12 October 2005 agrave 14h40 - by  Menno Gorter Netherlands

Hello, I want to take part of this contest.
The problem is that I don’t understand all of the rules.
Can you explaine some of them?

- Distance to step over is 100 studs ( 800 mm )

I prosume the bridge has to be longer than 100 studs?
What’s the maximum lenght ?

- Height is 12 studs minimum. Height above track is free.

Does this mean that the rail track has to be at 12 studs high?

- The bridge must have a attach point( a place to hold the weight ) .

How does this has to look like?
Are there more rules for this exept the 5mm rope? ( May I simply bind this rope at some beams?)

I am busy already to test some constructions, and I want to be sure that it’s not all for nothing.

Greetings from holland. See you soon.

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