Summer AFOLs’ Days

, by  Nicolas HUYARD
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Following Rennes in 2003 and Grenoble in 2004, this year Freelug would like to invite you to the Summer AFOLs’ Days in Reims, the week-end 9-10th July 2005.

The Summer AFOLs’ Days are open to all AFOLs from all around the world.

The International Sejour Centre (CIS) from Reims, will be hosting the event for the week-end.
This will be a good reason to meet each others, introduce your MOCs and spend some good time together.

Reims is a nice town with the cathedral, the museums and the famous Champagne. It’s a family town with many spot to visit for wives and partners.

CIS’ address:
Centre International de Séjour
Parc Léo Lagrange - Chaussée Bocquaine
51100 Reims
Tél. +33 (0) 3 26 40 52 60
Fax +33 (0) 3 26 47 35 70
Web/E-mail : /

Close to town center and with accessibility to a large number of buses, it will also please NLSOs (Non-LEGO Significant Other) who’d like to escape to have some fun.

About the CIS:
The CIS does propose the following bedding solutions:
Prices are per person per night with breakfast.

en-suite bathroom + WC:
- 1 bed 32€
- 2 beds 19,5€
- 3 beds 16,5€

washbasin only:
- 1 bed 21€
- 2 beds 15,5€

The CIS is also a restaurant:
- Lunch/Dinner (entry + meal + desert) 8,8€ per person
- Beverage 1,9€

What are we going to do over the Week-End ?
- The crazy ramp version II
- Building the strongest and lightest bridge
- Brickciel project
- Mindstorm tournament
- a GBC
- Draft,
- Showing some building technics
- And many other interesting subjects

Saturday night, dinner will be organized outside the center in a restaurant downtown.

Registration will start in a few days on Freelug’s mailing -list.
If you want to get the group discounted price, please register BEFORE June the 10th.

You can also register by sending an email to:

Dedicated WebSite:

Hope to see you !


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