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Following Rennes in 2003, Grenoble in 2004, Reims in 2005, South West of France will be happy to welcome fans of the LEGO bricks. The meeting will be held close to Toulouse the long WE starting July 14th (french national day).

You will find in this article all the needed information on the event. It is quite long, please take time to read everything. Then jump to the wiki page wiki for registration.

This article may be changed in the following days based on missing information that we’ll be filled or on your suggestions or updates.

Last update: Sunday July 2st 2006


We do continue our AFOL meetings “tour de France” which started in Britanny in 2003, South East in 2004 and North East last year. This year edition will be in Toulouse. After 4 years, we are more and more, and rented rooms are always too small, we have decided to invade Ayguesvives ’s gymnasium (31450) the 14th, 15th and 16th of July 2006.

Description of the area and the place

Localisation de l’évenement.

Description of the area

will be filled later...

Position par rapport á Toulouse
details de la carte

Ayguesvives is a 2125 living souls located around 20km from Toulouse. You’ll find there a post office, a pub, a chemistry , a restaurant. A supermarket is located 5 km away with 24/7 petrol station. The “canal du midi” is located 2km from the place and you can walk or cycle on it. More pictures can be seen here.

Here are some distances between french towns and Toulouse:

Rennes 700km Paris 700km
Lyon 540km Lille 900km
Grenoble 530km Nice 590km

The exact gymnasium address will be provided as soon as known. It is very close to Ayguesvives town center though.

How to get there ?


Toulouse Matabiau is the main station. If you do want to come by train, try to group together so we’ll come and get you.


Several flights from all over France do land at Toulouse’s Blagnac including Easyjet from Paris. The airport is located on the West, so not that close from Ayguesvives. We can organise ourself to come to pick you up. And by chance you’ll see the jumbo A380 taking off or landing.


Have a look to your favorite web site (mappy or via-michelin) to find the best way for you.

Toulouse ring road : exit 19 Labège, take right on the roundabout to Labège. First roundaround, straight ahead to Castanet, second roundabout, ahead, You’ll pass close to Gaumont Cinema, on the 3rd roundabout, still ahead to Escalquens , Baziège. 4th roundabout, on the left to Escalquens , Baziège (D79). You’ll get in Escalquens, take right on the traffic light to Baziège, Montlaur (D16). Cross Montlaur then 2 or 3 km after Montlaur take right to Montgiscard. Enter montgiscard and pass over the canal. Take left on traffic light to Carcasonne, town center, Ayguesvives (RN113). 2km after Montgiscard take right to enter Ayguesvives.

Warning The ring road is limited to 90 km/h during the summer. It may jam around 7h and 9h, and from 17h to 19h. Bare in mind the big holidays departures. Check the web site Bison Fute to learn more on when to get on the road.

Where to stay


LABEGE : Campanile , Première Classe, Innostar, Le Sextant, Bowling Center Hotel.

RAMONVILLE : Formule 1, Confort Inn , Lidotel.

BALMA : Fasthotel , Kyriad.

VILLEFRANCE DE LAURAGAIS : Hotel de France (25€ to 35), Auberge de la Pradelle (around 25€).

DONNEVILLE : Motel restaurant l’enclos.

If you do choose to get to the hotel to get your back ok, let us know. We’ll try to regroup all of you in the same one. Please book early, hotels tend to be full quickly.

Camp sites

The 3 closests ones are:

LES PEUPLIERS small camp site 1 star with 16 lots on Ayguesvives town. Phone: +33 (0)5 34 66 47 30 or +33 (0)6 64 94 48 11 (mobile phone).

LES VIOLETTES * * 10km on DEYME (31450), Capacité : 92 places. Tél. +33 (0)5 61 81 72 07. Exit Villefranche de Lauragais or Toulouse-Labège (No 19).

PARC DE LA THESAUQUE * * * border of the Nailloux’s lake, 10-15 min to get to Ayguevives located on MONTGEARD (31560). Renting chalets are available. Highway A66 exit Nailloux. Tel: +33 (0)

We do suggest to people who do want to camp to get in touch together with the other ones (Erik, Jean, etc.) to know which one has been chosen. Jean = 3 ***, Erik = not decided yet.

At home

Some of FreeLUG’s members may have some room available. Please check on the wiki.


In order to really know what’s going on, a clear timetable is defined. It is not yet a definitive one as it will evoluate following your wishes/suggestions.

day 8h 10h 10h 12h 12h 14h 14h 16h 16h 18h evening
Thursday first to arrive
Friday get in the hall installing buffet at the place 14:30 Introduction to NQC Pizza in a park around
saturday preparing the hall for visitors Open to visitors Open to visitors BBQ night

Activity details

If you want to suggest an activity, let us know !

Opening to visitors contact : Khan. We open the hall to visitors all Saturday afternoon. Details are not fully finalized yet with the town hall.
You are fully right not to want to participate to it.

_Presentation NQC by Khan. A quick discovery on how to program RCX’s with NQC. Bring your laptop.

_GBB contact :

_Course folle



_? to be defined


Following your registration on the wiki, a layout will be established. This will allow you to know where everything happening.


Not defined yet except for the BBQ and pizzas.


Please fill the wiki wiki page.
If you don’t know how to do it or having issues, drop an email to ref2006 at (moderated).


What can be seen around if you don’t want to stay the hall, or your family members.

Cité de l’Espace - Space City on Toulouse, between exits 17 and 18. The cité de l’Espace can be seen from far with the Ariane rocket outside. We’ll try to organize a group visit if enough people are interested.

Carcassone, Albi Many Cathares castles (the base of Denix great MOCs).

_Andorra Principauty is only 160km from Toulouse. For those who may want to stay a bit longuer.

Toulouse Visiting Toulouse Town Center, the famous Place du Capitole, the river Garonne sides.
Food is an important topic in the area: wine, smelling cheeses, foies gras for your diet, etc.

Plane Spotting Let’s take a look at the “BIG” Airbus A380 on the tarmac. We’ll also be able to look at the Belugas, a cargo plane. We are studying a visit of Airbus 340 and 380 chains.


Wikipedia on Ayguesvives
Mairie de Toulouse
Tourism midi Pyrenees
cité de l’Espace


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