Fana’briques 2008

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All things come in threes.

Fana’briques’ third edition will be held at Rosheim, 28 and 29th of June, 2008.

To make this third anniversary special and to welcome a growing number of attendees, we will move to another location. From a 700m² exhibition room, we will move to a 1400m² space dedicated to our beloved bricks. We wish to welcome 3000 visitors.

While we received attendees from Belgium and Germany in 2006 and 2007, some AFOLs from Switzerland and Italy should join us in 2008 to reinforce the idea that Rosheim could be a central point for european fans of LEGO.

To enjoy and share our passion is again the spirit and mind we would like to put into Fana’briques 2008.

To enjoy by exhibiting creations or models collection but also by participating some activities - here the menu :
- LEGO High Speed Train (TGV) speed record,
- Very big DCC controlled train layout,
- Minifig and Maxifig Olympic Games,
- Great Ball Contraption (GBC) XXL size (we bet on one hundred modules),
- Kids Creations Contest.

The winners of the various contests will receive valued gifts (mostly as LEGO sets) : TGV contest (one prize for each category and one for nicest train), Kids Contest (three prizes), Maxifig Contest (three prizes) et two winners randomly chosen among the exhibitors (first prize valued 80 euro, second prize valued 40 euro).

An area will be dedicated to sellers (new and used LEGO sets and parts). Exhibitors will be allowed to let their items to be sold by a team dedicated to this task.

Selling Area Rules : (coming soon)

The FreeLUG annual event (REF) may take place at the same time and location. The final decision will be made end of February. A specific article will be published to give you more details. The Fana’briques event program may be slightly modified.

Program guide: (coming soon)

Subscription form :

You can check the rules and policies in the subscription form. Send it back by e-mail before 15th of May.


TGV : Speed record

Denis, Xavier and Loys propose this incredible bet : to establish a train speed record, to be compared (LEGO scale) with the 2007 speed record set by the TGV at 575km/h. The record track line; 35 meters long, will be set up by a local LEGO group named “Brique A Brac”. Several categories are opened :

  1. “Official Speed Record”. French TGV MOC or official 4511 or 7745 LEGO set in a two engines and three cars configuration.
  2. “For fun” : Any train MOC or official LEGO train set.
  3. “TrackSide” : Show your creativity by building a trackside MOC on a 2x3 baseplate (32x32) module to add life to the speed track : Houses, Forests, Football stadium, Construction area,...).

The fastest of each category (“Official Speed record” and “For Fun”) will receive a prize. The audience will vote for the nicest module (“trackSide”). The Technical Staff will award the nicest train.

See the complete “Speed Record” rules: (Coming soon)

The Very big DCC controlled train layout

Philippe “FrogLeap” propose to concert a huge and totally Digitallized controlled (DCC) LEGOtrain layout.

The basic idea is to allow any attendees (no DCC technology knowledge required) to participate, each of them bringing its own “regular” trains and city creations. Philippe will concert the contributors and will draw the final train layout. Subscription for the DCC layout are due before 15th of April : frogleap AT

Olympic Games

With “Beijing 2008” coming, let us imagine the Olympic Games at Rosheim.

We will build the famous Olympic rings with LEGO bricks and Rosheim’s schools will participate a layout based on Olympic Games theme.

Feel free to build your own Olympic MaxiFigs based on the 3723 set. Marathonian, wrestler, gymnast,... On your marks! get set! GO!

A selection committee of AFOLs will award three prizes to the most beautiful Maxifigs.


Build modules based on the famous Great Ball Contraption principle and bring them.
We will connect them into a giant circuit.
It’s a fascinating show.

Kids Contest

Creativity on stage. Every child (under 16) wishing to participate will build home with his own bricks a LEGO creation. On Sunday morning, kids will exhibit their creations before 11:30. A selection committee of AFOLs will vote and award three prizes.

DO NOT hesitate to join us, we will do our best to welcome you with all our energy.

Acknowledgment to Seb for the poster.


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